Jechory Designs - Fused Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Production time is 1-2 weeks, before shipping.

A modern pyramid shaped terrarium made from double strength glass which I cut by hand. The edges are ground smooth before it's copper foiled. Then the pieces are assembled and soldered together. The final steps include adding a patina to the solder and waxing the piece. It's around 8 1/2" high by 6 1/2" square at the bottom, perfect for a few air plants. The easy to care for air plants that are shown have sold. You will receive a different set, that are just as sweet with a care sheet for them, along with ivory sand and a few stones. The sand and plants are packed separately, takes just a minute or two to assemble it.

If you are interested in just the glass without the kit, it is $10.00 less. You can contact me and I can revise the listing for you.

International customers: Unfortunately the plants can't be shipped out of the US. If you are interested in just the glass terrarium, contact me and I will set up a listing for you with shipping to your country. The price of this piece would be $10 less without the plant and kit.



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